Natural Collection-Sand Castle. Love this for a natural shade lipstick. #makeup #bbloggers #naturalcollection
Even in the misty haze of this rain soaked, grey, dull morning.
The thought of you fills my mind; in it’s own magical way, just haunting. Http://
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The ‘nearly 5am’ selfie #selfie #work #carer
The gift from my wonderful colleague and friend

I am lucky to work with some really awesome people.

After speaking to the nurse I work with, in the early hours of yesterday morning, she brought in a pizza, some drinks and gave me the Smashbox full exposure palette because I’m ‘a really nice person’. When you surround yourself with positivity, it really does come back to you.

She is amazing and I am so grateful for how kind and generous she is.

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Sometimes it’s terrifying thinking of how much life has changed. Sometimes I worry that I’ve made the right decisions. Sometimes I doubt how brave I actually am.

Following my heart has always gotten me to where I need to be; so that’s what I’m doing

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